What to do if a purchase made with a credit card is not delivered?


Purchase not sent

Hello! I’d like to get in touch with cybercrime. I made a purchase on the site, I paid on the card a value of 27 pounds sterling and I still have not received anything, nor a shipping update. I’m very scared, because this amount in reais will be very expensive to receive nothing. I already sent an email to the company and got no response. How should I proceed now? – Viviane Jamono

Viviane, if you paid on the card, you should contact the issuing bank of the card and report what is happening to initiate a chargeback process. To receive a card payment, companies must honor their sales. There are several intermediary companies to ensure sales safety.

Most likely, the bank will question and guide you to contact the seller. However, in that case, you have already said that the seller is not responding when you try to contact. There are indications that the solution will depend on the bank’s intervention.

It is important to note that you should not use this procedure if the seller is willing to resolve the issue himself. You should also wait a few days to make sure there is no shipping.

Orkut Photo Recovery

Is there any remote possibility of retrieving Orkut photos? – Alexandre Pierotto

It is no longer possible to recover the files that were on Orkut.

Google has a tool called Google Takeout to extract all data from each company service. Orkut data, however, were excluded in September 2016.

So if you had any photos you’d like to retrieve on Orkut, the deadline for this is past.

IP on WhatsApp

If the person has a cell phone with two WhatsApp, being two different numbers, does anyone know the number of your IP when using the second duplicate WhatsApp account? Example: You use an official number that everyone has and the other one being a number that you installed just to have a WhatsApp second. Can someone know the IP of your cell phone through this second duplicate number? – Junior Chaves

Junior, your understanding of WhatsApp communication and IPs seems quite wrong.

First, no WhatsApp user knows any IP addresses of other WhatsApp users, at least not in text messages (voice calls and video calls can use another form of communication). So the fact that you have two WhatsApp numbers makes no difference if these people do not communicate with you in a way that reveals your IP address.

Second, the IP address does not belong to the phone, but to the connection. So if you use Wi-Fi, your IP address will be the same for both WhatsApp numbers. However, if you are using a mobile phone with more than one chip and each instance of WhatsApp occurs by a carrier via 3G / 4G, each WhatsApp will have its own IP address (because they are using different connections from different carriers).

Anyway, WhatsApp needs to know the IP address of an account for the application to work. Therefore, if WhatsApp is asked to inform the IP of a number, it will have this information. It may also detect more than one number connected to the same IP and same cell model at close times, which in itself may be a clue to the practice of using more than one number on the same cell.

WhatsApp Web Notice

Today a notification came on my phone saying that I was connected to the WhatsApp Web. But I was not even close to a computer. Was I cloned? – Gleice

If you use WhatsApp Web on your computer regularly, it is possible for your computer to “wake up” on its own for a few reasons and then reconnect to WhatsApp Web. However, if you have closed your last WhatsApp connection, or do not recognize system that would be connected (in this case a Chrome on macOS), it actually indicates that someone actually started a WhatsApp Web session from your mobile.

This is especially likely if you do not use screen lock or do not use automatic screen lock after a short time of inactivity. You must use a screen lock to prevent others from picking up your phone when it is unattended and authorize the WhatsApp Web session to open.


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