Is it possible to hack into an Android phone that is outdated?


Outdated Cell Invasion

Is it possible to break into an Android phone that has an old version of Android, that is, outdated? Or does it not matter whether or not it’s up to date and yet they can invade? Another question: do internet providers have access to what we visit? What about our email passwords saved in the browser? – Ana Vitoria

Ana, it is very important that you define well what is “invade.” There are certain harmful attacks that can be carried out against a smartphone regardless of its system version. However, an outdated smartphone always opens more doors for an attacker, some of them very severe.

For example, there are flaws in outdated Android that can allow the phone to be attacked if the victim opens a photo or video. It may also be possible to circumvent the lock screen even if you have set a password. This is not possible on phones that are running Android. For this reason, having the system updated is a benefit and closes many doors.

However, you still should not hand your unlocked phone to other people. You should not stay away from the cell in places where there are crowds. This type of behavior is risky, although the upgraded and blocked phone will greatly reduce the chance of problems.

As for your second doubt, providers have access to various information about their internet browsing habits. Providers also hire their own providers, who also have certain information (however, the “provider provider” no longer has their registration data and can not know that an access came from you, as a person).

That said, it’s not because providers have access to that information that they can use them. The provider, in general, can not register your browsing information without it having received a court order to do so. In addition, registering this data for all customers would be expensive and not feasible.

The provider will also not have access to your passwords, either saved in the browser or those you use on the internet, because passwords are normally transmitted with encryption between you and the accessed site. The provider has no ability to decipher this information, so everything the provider sees is scrambled and meaningless data.

ecently I noticed that the WhatsApp Web of a friend’s cell phone is connected and the hours of use always updating at different times. But she has never used WhatsApp Web. Is there any way to find out where that connection comes from and where? It appears connected to a mobile browser. She also never used this browser.

Is there any way for anyone to find out? Would the police station specialize in cyber crimes? – Leticia

The Digital Security blog is unaware of any case WhatsApp has provided detailed information about WhatsApp Web access. Its only chance is actually the police, who will need to request this information judicially for WhatsApp based on their reporting.

It should be noted that WhatsApp is an exception to this. Almost all services and applications (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google) show detailed information about each access made to your account so you can have information from a potential hacker. WhatsApp is the only one that only presents this limited information and that does not help you in identifying the responsible.

Recovery of messages in old cell phone

I had an old set and bought a new one. If I do not restart or not turn it off, who picked up my cell phone can see my messages? The chip is the same, but in a new cell phone, the old one has no more chip. – Roseli

Roseli, it is imperative that you erase all data from a cell phone (using the “Factory Reset”) before selling the device. Without doing so, it is possible for the new owner to see your messages or even recover files and data from applications that have been deleted and uninstalled.

In 2014, the security company Avast did an experiment and bought 20 used smartphones. The company was able to recover 40,000 photos that had already been deleted , as well as hundreds of messages.

Ideally, your smartphone uses encryption (all new models use it) and you perform a system restore before delivering the device to the new owner.


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