Tesla is investigated for car accident fatality in Florida


The Tesla is being investigated in the United States by an accident on Friday (1) involving a car and a truck assembly plant. Teams from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Transportation Safety Council (NTSB) were sent home.

The two agencies are investigating several accidents involving the use of Tesla’s Autopilot system, a semiautonomous driving accident , including a fatal accident in California in March 2018 . In that case, the driver was not holding his hands behind the wheel, as the automaker indicated.

NHTSA may require a recall if it believes that a defect represents a risk that is beyond reasonable, while the NTSB makes safety recommendations.

It is not known if Autopilot was active

A report on Friday’s accident reported by the Palm Beach County Precinct did not say whether the semi-automatic system was being used at the time of the accident that killed the 50-year-old owner of Tesla Model 3.

The report reported that the Tesla collided with a wagon, and the roof was torn as it passed under the wagon, with the vehicle crashing into a barrier about 500 meters from the collision. The driver died on the spot. Tesla has yet to comment on the case.

Some Tesla drivers say they can avoid putting their hands on the steering wheel for long periods of time when using Autopilot while Tesla advises drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention all the time while using the autopilot.

Other accidents

Last year, an autonomous Uber vehicle ran over and killed a pedestrian , causing the company to slow down its unmanned car program.

In 2016, a Model S driver died when his car hit a truck while on Autopilot, which controls the car alone under certain conditions.


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