Zuckerberg confirms integration of Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on Wednesday that he will integrate WhatsApp with Messenger and Instagram Direct, both of which talk apps that belong to his company. But the executive has not given a date for this to begin to happen.

The first step will be to allow the contacts of one app to be accessible in the others.

“We plan to make it possible for you to send messages to your contacts using any of our services,” he wrote on Wednesday (6).

Rumors about integration have been around since the beginning of the year. In confirming the novelty, Zuckerberg has quoted several times that the changes will occur “within a few years”.

The news is in a “textão” that the executive published in his profile on Facebook, where he stressed that privacy and chat applications are the future of social networks and promised to facilitate and give more security to this service.

According to him, before changes are made, there are still significant challenges and many issues that still require further discussion.

What should change

As it is currently:

“Today, if you want to send a message to someone on Facebook, you have to use Messenger, Instagram, Direct, and WhatsApp, WhatsApp, we want to give you the option of contacting your friends from all networks with the app that prefer, “explained Zuckerberg.

How are you staying?

According to the Facebook boss:

  • the contacts of an app can be accessed in the others; but this will not be mandatory
  • a message sent by one of the apps will reach your contact’s preference app (even if it’s different from what you used)
  • In the future, the integration will include SMS
  • if you publish a story on Facebook and Instagram (which are already related), the interactions of your friends may appear in one place

Apps will not merge

Zuckerberg does not talk about merging apps. Instead, he cites plans to improve both Messenger and WhatsApp.

“In a few years time, I hope future versions of Messenger and WhatsApp will become the main ways people communicate on Facebook,” he said. “We are focused on making these two apps faster, simpler, more private and more secure, including (the use of) end-to-end encryption.”

Future of networks

Criticized for permissive use of confidential user data, the executive said Facebook is moving toward becoming a “privacy-focused” platform focused on confidentiality instead of being “the big city square.”

“Nowadays we see that private messages, ephemeral stories and small groups are by far the fastest growing online communication formats,” he wrote.

“When I think about the future of the Internet, I think a communications platform focused on privacy will be much more important than the current open platforms.”


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